Our Services

Architecture Projects

We do all kinds of architectural projects both commercially and privately, we design our customers' dreams.

Engineering Projects

We prepare projects of all specialties, such as thermal, acoustic, electricity, among others, which are necessary for licensing.

Construction and Rehabilitation of Buildings for Personal or Comercial Use

We do rehabilitation or from scratch construction, according to the client's needs. Besides knowledge and experience in both areas, we also have specialized teams for its execution.

Bureaucratic Support & Licensing

We take care of all the administrative and legal documentation and process organization necessary for the construction process.

"All Inclusive" Service

We ensure the delivery of the property in conditions for immediate use, without having to worry about anything. This is an ideal service for those who do not have availability for the construction / rehabilitation and preparation of the properties so that they are ready to work.

3D Projects

We create 3D projects so that the client is able to predict in a more realistic way the final result of his project.

We base our building models on economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Why Us?




Economic Sustainability

Social Sustainability

Environmental sustainability


More than building, INC materializes dreams! Quality and elegance are present in every detail, taking eco-construction to a luxury level. INC exceeded all our expectations, and left no doubt that they are an ideal partner to make the world more beautiful and more sustainable.

Ana InêsGroundPiece - CEO/Founder

The company was always thoughtful and proactive, management was very flexible and the budget was adequate to our needs. We were able to revise, reorganize and adapt sudden changes, as much as possible, which contributed positively to the final result of the space. The team is very easy to work with and very careful when it came to detail and cleaning during construction. They are all willing to help each other and the team's work policy is always focused on achieving the best results and customer satisfaction. In the end we were satisfied with the result and we will certainly hire INC again for future works that might appear, both remodeling and works from scratch because it also met the deadlines initially established.

Nelson SantosVoga Equation - Grupo Rebelequation

Working with Inc was essential for the recognition of the importance of rigorous project execution! In modern times, when the economic clock literally is in charge, efficiency on site and meeting deadlines are central to ensuring a final result of excellence.
Ter a Inc como parceiro, revelou se tambem, essencial para a resolução do imprevisto que quase sempre surge. Melhor que ter um bom plano, é ter parceiros capazes de dar provas nas adversidades cumprindo rigorosamente e com os mesmos elevados padrões de serviço e qualidade.

Sabino Carvalho Chico Lobo - Gerente